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What are the ingredients for your perfect shoot?

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  • What are the ingredients for your perfect shoot?

    I probably post too much on here already but I am interested. Browsing all these vintage shoots has been awesome, Thanks Joanie, but it has also solidified my "thing" Or to put it another way, what is in a shoot to make it right for me, the more I have browsed these shoots the more clear it has become, here's my list, what's yours?

    Model: well they are all amazing but if they have medium size boobs with contrasting nipple colour and a lovely UNSHAVEN or modestly trimmed bush = Perfect. The razor was the downfall of glamour - who was it that insisted women do this to turn on men - they need a bloody good kicking, Bagsy I'm first in line if you find the bastard.

    State of undress: The more naked the model becomes the less it does it for me. A strip down set with stockings, suspender belt, sheer knickers = perfect (pulled aside or half way down the legs = bonus points) Bonus points x 2 are reserved for lacey see through bras, nothing like a glimpse of nipple through the bra pattern.

    Indoor / Outdoor: 100% indoor - I skip through outdoor sets every time

    Wet / Dry: Dry 100% - think I must have nearly drowned as a kid because dousing the models with a hose pipe is another crying shame for me.

    Colour tone: Why is it that as technology advances certain art forms get worse. Like how today music is never more readily available but it's digitally piped from your phone to some tiny wireless speaker and sounds crap - the old days of the warmth of vinyl through carefully chosen hi-fi separates system gave you a soundstage that moved the soul - Photography and printing processes being another example of this that can be seen in John and Joanie's shoots. For me, the 70s kicks the arse of any other decade in this respect, added to the lingerie then and how much more glamour oriented shoots were then means it is the KING decade for how a shoot feels to me. The process was slower, more analogue, and frankly needed more skilful practitioners - the results are in 70s win the world cup of vintage glamour.

    Poses: I'm not all for crazy gymnastic poses in shoots. For me the more natural and everyday the pose the more alluring. Models doing the upturned crab or ankles behind the ears just makes me laugh! Thankfully Joanie and John seemed to understand this very well.

    Anyway, just a bit of fun really - what do you all think, what's your view? What other key elements make a successful set for you? - let's have some argy bargie on this and see who wins!

    And thanks again Joanie, we appreciate this site and your efforts very much.

    Now, I'm off to look at Mayfair Volume 13 again. Quality.