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  • Win A Free Set!

    Okay let's give away some PRIZES!

    So far I've loaded over 40 full photo sets from Mayfair magazine so here's your chance to win any set off up to the value of £30.

    All you have to do to win your free photoset is leave a review on any of the Mayfair sets that I've loaded in the Mayfair magazine section. That's it.

    Its free to join in so get signed up, write a review and I'll email you and send you your prize.


    The First 10 reviews win a prize.
    The prize is 1 set up to the value of £30 off
    One set only if the set you select is less than £30. You can't add sets together to make a total value of £30.
    One set per member.

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    2 FREE sets have been given away so far. Who will take the 3rd???


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      The 3rd free set has been claimed by a new user. Do you want to be number 4?


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        That's free sets number 4 and 5 gone to 2 new members. Only 5 free sets left guys.

        Look how easy it is!!!


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          That's another 3 sets gone guys. We're down to the LAST 2!

          Why not write to win?



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            As I write this there's only ONE free set left. Its a good job my girls weren't as shy as you guys because we'd have nothing to look at!


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              Congratulations to our final set winner Grand Cigar. Is he trying to tell me something?


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                For all the favours your work has done for me over the years I should tell you anything you wish! I honestly thought all the names of photographers were made up in those magazines. Austin Legrew just seemed like a play on Austin Allegro the famously terribad car from the 80s and I just assumed the names were as fake as the names of the models!


                • #9
                  Well I can tell you that you're not completely wrong. You'll find a lot of my work under the alias of Rupert Daines. The reason for this (I guess) is that in some issues (especially Men Only) when the editor ran multiple sets of mine he didn't like my name to just go bump, bump, bump through the magazine so to save repetition they'd call me Rupert.


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                    Well every day is a school day. On similar subject I always wished that their had been a magazine every month for the models, rather than the publications. I would often buy a magazine because there was one set, or even just one picture of a favoured model in it. There were some old magazines called Daily Girls which would often have a special issue on a different Page 3 girl and that was what I wanted. Vida Garmen monthly... (or weekly!) and Carrie Lorimer monthly. See what I did there was wish for something instead of actually doing it. Story of my life really.


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                      Which I suppose is the beauty of buying photosets because you can see all the photographs that the magazines didn't use.


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                        Oh! If only I had found out about your new forum sooner!